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This nation of ours needs drastic surgery

CatoTheYounger (@catoletters) tweeted: Practical politics consist in ignoring facts ~ Henry Brooks Adams; to which I replied: Er, not quite true. Politics consists of ignoring facts: think Brexit. If politics did not do that then it would be practical.

There have been many comments that the United Kingdom will need an interim deal as negotiations to hammer out a free trade agreement will take far longer than the initial two-year period mentioned in Article 50.

Such an ‘interim deal’ was available and all it required was an application to rejoin EFTA and the EEA. Instead the UK is ‘lumbered’ with the ridiculous alternative that Theresa May has concocted, one no doubt aided and abetted by the all-knowing (not) of Davis and Fox. Having ruled out the EFTA/EEA’ interim deal’ and failing to get the free trade agreement within the timescale permitted, one of only two alternatives available to trade with the EU would be on WTO terms – terms which are not as good as EFTA/EEA. The other alternative is that the EU will devise some form of associate membership which will certainly mean that the referendum was a waste of public money as we would still be subject to all the laws of the EU and decisions of the ECJ – again, terms not as good as membership of EFTA and the EEA.

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