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Home Truths – a new series

Having been for some time a disciple of Thomas Sowell, an American economist, turned social theorist, political philosopher, and author; I thought I might start a new daily series, using his ‘pithy’ remarks (some of which may end up being paraphrased to make them pertinent to this country.

#! – A question for politicians:

Since this is an era when many of you are concerned about ‘fairness’ and ‘social justice,’ what is your ‘fair share’ of what someone else has worked for?

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The Political Mindset

Even though his political affiliation/thinking is at the opposite spectrum to mine, I have (until now) always ‘had time’ for Frank Field (Labour – Birkenhead).

In a  recent interview he gave to Sky News on the subject of Parliamentary Democracy viz-a-viz Brexit, he said:

When we decide to have a referendum, we give back to the people that sovereignty – they decide the issue………… (emphasis mine)

So presumably, under representative democracy, the people have no sovereignty unless the political elite allow them so to have for the fifteen hours that polling booths are open. This point was noted by Jean-Jacques Rousseau (28 June 1712 – 2 July 1778) who is reported to have said: The English think they are free. They are free only during the election of members of parliament.

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The right to rule?

It would seem that those we elect rely on a mistaken belief, based on ‘Parliamentary Democracy’, that they alone have the ‘right to rule’ the people of the United Kingdom. This allows them to believe that, through the system of representative democracy, they ‘own’ the United Kingdom based on the idea they represent the people of the United Kingdom – which they most definitely do not.

While one sees MPs such as David Lammy stating he will vote against triggering Article 50 come what may  and Owen Smith openly stating he will use any vote in an attempt to get another referendum to overthrow the result of the first; no way can MPs maintain they represent the views of the people. It is then the question has to be asked: wherefore democracy?

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The hypocrisy of MPs

Following the recent High Court decision on the ability of the Executive to arbitrarily decide when and how Article 50 notification is given, a court case which our all-knowing executive arm of our Government lost, I am amazed at the number of MPs ‘queuing up to proclaim the ‘Sovereignty of Parliament’.

I have, therefore, to ask those MPs just where were they – and their predecessors – during the last four decades plus – when the sovereignty they so prize has been steadily eroded under their very noses?

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It is with great pleasure I am now able to advise that the new website, Direct Democracy for the United Kingdom (dd4uk.com), which is a Public Consultation on the way forward to enact direct democracy in the United Kingdom, will be published at 11:00 on the morning of Monday 7th November 2016.

Please note that at the top of the home page is an advisory article on how you can gain the best use of  this forum; and it is strongly advised that this is read prior to proceeding. Likewise it is also suggested, besides reading  the home page, you also read ‘Intro’ (also at the top of the home page).

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Looking after one’s own

Yesterday in the House of Commons MPs voted 203 to 7 to appoint Keith Vaz to the Justice Select Committee, despite an objection by Andrew Bridgen (North West Leicestershire – Con). The Hansard record of the resulting debate and a list of MPs who voted can be found here.

According to this source the Conservative Party whipped their MPs to vote for Keith Vaz. During the debate it was ruled that the past ‘misdemeanours’ of this MP were ‘off-limits’ where the debate was concerned. For those readers of short memory, said misdemeanours were listed here by the same source.

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Direct Democracy Website

In order to keep followers of this website (and development of the new promised website) who are interested in the promotion of direct democracy, informed; please be aware ‘the build’ of the new website is progressing with all possible speed.

As the intention of this new website is to provide the progression of direct democracy; and for it to be ‘people led’, it will contain, what I believe to be, some innovative features that will allow the project to be ‘people led’; which, after all, was the original intention – before said original intention got ‘high-jacked’.

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Asleep at t’wheel – definitely not!

Readers may think that I have been asleep at t’wheel in view of the fact it is now nine days since an article appeared on this blog.

I shall be writing about home care agencies and the appalling standard of care which one agency has been providing to a 102 year-old over whom I have power of attorney. Presently I am awaiting a response from her Member of Parliament, namely he of the Witney constituency. Also, as that Member of Parliament does not appear willing to discuss with me the matter of social care in general, even though the two matters are inter-linked, I shall also be writing, in due course, to my Member of Parliament, he of the Easington constituency.

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£14m of public funds misspent?

Courtesy of the Electoral Commission we taxpayers have just incurred a bill of £14m, split evenly twixt Stronger In and Vote Leave – the two designated campaigns chosen to lead the debate – and who thus, by the ‘expertise’ (not’) of their arguments – can have a great bearing, through their inane statements, on who wins the forthcoming referendum on the question of the UK’s membership of the European Union.

Just who, among the electorate, elected those of the Electoral Commmission, who made that decision? Just who among the electorate agreed that politicians, on both sides of the argument, could ‘take over’ and thus decide how those arguments were to be presented?  Just who, among the electorate, know that Cameron, Osborne, Gove, Johnson, Benn (H), Matthew Elliott, Dominic Cummings et all, are lying ‘B’stards’? More importantly just who among the electorate agreed to provide said lying ‘B’stards’ on each side with £7m of their money?

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How are the mighty fallen…..

When I were a lad the Daily Telegraph was conidered a ‘serious; newspaper; heck, it even carried a detailed daily report of events in Parliament; while also containing comprehensive and factual local and world news. Now it appears to have descended into the realms of news that was epitomised by the News of the Screws World.

Why are we surprised to learn that relationships are formed in ‘closed’ societies (ie, the workplace); hell, it has happened within the political circle, so why not within the police circle? On the other hand, should not those who are employed to make/uphold the law be ‘whiter than white’? Conversely, what business is it of ours whether police men can keep their zippers up and police women their knickers on, providing they do the jobs for which they are paid – likewise politicians?

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