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Making my voice heard

In Easington constituency we have just received the latest copy of ‘Easington News’; a newsletter put out by our Member of Parliament, Grahame Morris.

I gloss over the main article: Together we will save our NHS; instead focusing on another ‘health issue’: Building Sustainable GP Services. In this article Grahame Morris writes: Grahame Morris called for all parties to raise the educational aspiration of children in East Durham in order to tackle GP shortages. The article continues: Welcoming Labour’s commitment to recruit 8,000 new GPs, in a Common debate, Mr. Morris, a member of the Health Select Committee said: We can only address health inequalities if increased numbers of GPs are directed to the areas where they are most needed. The only way to tackle GP shortages in areas like East Durham is to grow our own. We need a new generation of GPs from working class backgrounds with a personal interest in improving the health and well being of their own community.

In another section of Easington News, Grahame Morris writes: New figures show almost one million voters have disappeared from the Electoral Register with young people most affected. The Tories and Lib Dems have betrayed young people by trebling tuition fees, scrappping EMA and leaving 75,000 young people unemployed. Young people must be heard in the general election and not allow Government to remove their democratic rights.

To question, in the order raised: why must a new generation of GPs only come from a working class background? Do not all doctors, regardless of background have a personal interest in improving the health and well being of their own community? Why should the provision of GPs remain a matter for central government? Allied to that, why is the aspiration of children anywhere a matter for central government?

If young people must be heard, then how about the rest of the electorate? If Grahame Morris – and his party – believe that democratic rights are being removed, then one has to question whether or not the democratic rights of the population are also being removed by his party’s refusal to grant the electorate a referendum on this country’s membership of the European Union.

If the voices of young people are not being heard, then how about those not of Labour Party beliefs that live in Easington? How can those dissenting voices be heard when Graham Morris has the backing of a tribal vote providing him with a majority approaching 15,000? Not that Easington is any different in that respect to Witney, my previous constituency, where Cameron had a majority of 22,000, again as a result of tribal voting – in both undeniably voting on subjects of which they had not the slightest idea of the detail involved.

What we have here, as with so many such ‘newsletters’, is something written to comply with party policy and which, with dissection , contains contradictions of principles, not forgetting blatant ‘untruths’ and, currently, ‘unachievable’ aims. As with any party policy, it is a document based on the ideas of one man/woman who wishes to assume the (de facto) position of a dictator.

Not only that, but come May this year, following what is called a general election, it appears highly unlikely that any political party will achieve a majority; so the electorate will be faced, as in 2010, with a situation in which two opposing political parties will form an alliance in order to usurp power and thus decide the future direction the country takes.

And Grahame Morris wishes to write about the negation of democratic rights?

Meeting my Member of Parliament (3)

Having become a constituent in the constituency of Easington (registered this morning!), I have arranged an appointment this coming Friday afternoon with my new Member of Parliament – with a view to ‘introducing myself’.

Needless to say, besides letting Grahame Morris know where I stand on matters of democracy, Parliamentary sovereignty and the European Union, one of the first things I shall be asking him to do is ascertain from the leader of his political party where and when he mislaid his courtesy – I refer to my email to Ed Miliband at the end of November last year and to which I have not even had an acknowledgement; nor an acknowledgement of the ‘reminder’ I sent in early January this year.

As I shall also be informing him that it is inevitable he will no doubt be receiving some additional publicity in the local media – at every opportunity – I do so hope that when my allotted time ends I shall be leaving him a ‘very happy bunny’ – not!