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Meeting my Member of Parliament (4)

On Friday I had the pleasure of meeting my new Member of Parliament, Grahame Morris, Labour: Easington, the objective of which was to introduce myself as a new constituent.¬†Due to the fact that this surgery was, so I am informed, an ‘open’ surgery (no appointment was necessary,one just ‘turned up’ and joined the queue), time was somewhat limited.

The conversation ranged (briefly) over matters European Union, democracy and sovereignty. Grahame Morris informed me that he was a proud socialist and that, as a result, he had disagreements with his leadership over various aspects of policy; but as an ‘internationalist’ (his term) he was in favour of this country’s membership of the European Union. I also raised with him the question of two emails to his leader which have apparently been ignored and he informed me he would broach this the next time they shared ‘a cup of tea’ at Westminster.

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