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Well, I never………..

……..thought I would live to see the day that a political commentator, in this case Simon Jenkins, admit that the British people are sovereign.

Voters surrender their sovereignty to MPs until the next election. Good, bad, sane or stupid, that is the rule, he writes. Well if that is the rule; and therefore representative democracy  is not democracy per se, then it is about time the bloody rule was changed!

Jenkins continues: A quite different question is that of consent. No government in modern times has enjoyed majority consent of the electorate, let alone of the British people; in which case how can they legitimately have assumed office?

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And the difference is?

Much, it would seem, is being made of a gaffe by Cameron who used the phrase ‘career defining’ instead of ‘country defining’; a gaffe on which Labour have reportedly seized.

But hang on – is not career defining correct?

Cameron knows, like Miliband, that were he to fail to become the next Prime Minister, he will be ‘toast’? Clegg, who may well lose his seat at Sheffied Hallam if polls are to be believed, knows likewise and that like Cameron and Miliband a sinecure in Brussels will no doubt be on offer.

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