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Dear Mr. Cameron (2)

Following the first article in this series readers will recall that I had also emailed my constituency Member of Parliament, Grahame Morris (Labour – Easington) asking for his assistance on this matter. It should also be mentioned that I took the opportunity in that email to make the point that it was depressing that not one Member of Parliament raised the concerns I had expressed; which begs the question whether they are all bereft of knowledge where ‘matters EU’ are concerned.

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Out of the mouths of babes and sucklings……….

Today’s edition of the CoffeeHouse Election 2015 Expresso round-up of such ‘news’ that there is of events leading up to 7th May reports that Ed Miliband castigates David Cameron for not turning up for the BBC debate this evening.

It quotes Miliband as saying: I think if you are applying for the job of prime minister, the very least the British people expect is for you to turn up to the job interview, as a result of Cameron’s refusal to take part.

When someone who is the Leader of the Opposition, is putting himself forward for the position of Prime Minister, receives an email from a member of the electorate as a result of a newspaper article he wrote and then totally ignores it, it having been sent twice – coupled with the fact that the matter was raised with his local Labour MP, who promised to seek a response from his party leader – then I believe Miliband should think twice about his choice of words when criticising an opponent for the job.

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Meeting my Member of Parliament (5)

Readers will recall that I had been to see my new Member of Parliament, Grahame Morris and that I had subsequently emailed him. The content of same read:

Dear Mr. Morris,

It was a pleasure to meet you at your surgery held recently at the Community Centre, Queen Alexandra Road, Dawdon.
Below you will find a copy of my email, dated 30th November 2014, to the leader of your party and also one dated 15th January 2015. I stand by the opening remarks in the original email wherein I maintain that ED Miliband has a duty to respond to any email he receives in his quest to become this country’s next prime minister. To overlook one email, whether that be by him or someone in his office, might be considered careless, however to overlook two can be considered a tad discourteous.
I also maintain that there is a great deal of disingenuousness in that which  politicians both write and say when discussing the UK’s membership of the European Union. As a result how can the electorate make up its mind in any referendum that may be held on this important subject, coupled with the fact that because of what I can only call the deceit that is apparently being practiced by politicians means that any referendum cannot, under any circumstances be considered fair.
You may recall we spoke briefly about the lack of separation of power twixt Executive and Legislature and that I stated it is impossible to be a member of both and represent a constituent; a point with which you disagreed. If we look at the make-up of any government there are approximately 140 MPs who hold either positions as Secretaries of State, Minister of State, Parliamentary Private Secretary, etc. As a requirement of holding their positions it is a requirement that in any ‘dispute’ they must ‘hold the government line’ – in which case they cannot represent a constituent where that constituent has a grievance against government policy – a situation that results in those living in circa 140 constituencies in effect being disenfranchised.
You also stated that as an ‘internationalist’ you felt it to the benefit of the UK for our country to be a member of the European Union. At present the interests of the UK cannot be fully represented when, in so many areas, the European Union has assumed competence and sits on the standard setting bodies of the United Nations.
There is also the point of sovereignty, which as you know is the ability of any country to decide what can and cannot be done within its borders. By ceding sovereignty to the European Union the UK can no longer consider itself sovereign – neither can Parliament. For Parliament to still maintain that it is and for any government to consider it does govern the UK is laughable.
In view of the time constraints at your surgery (other constituents wishing to see you) it is appreciated you felt unable to give a fuller response however perhaps with Parliament currently in recess you may hopefully find the time so to do. Likewise perhaps when you have kindly brought my email to the attention of your Party Leader, he too may follow suit.
With kind regards,

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Meeting my Member of Parliament (4)

On Friday I had the pleasure of meeting my new Member of Parliament, Grahame Morris, Labour: Easington, the objective of which was to introduce myself as a new constituent. Due to the fact that this surgery was, so I am informed, an ‘open’ surgery (no appointment was necessary,one just ‘turned up’ and joined the queue), time was somewhat limited.

The conversation ranged (briefly) over matters European Union, democracy and sovereignty. Grahame Morris informed me that he was a proud socialist and that, as a result, he had disagreements with his leadership over various aspects of policy; but as an ‘internationalist’ (his term) he was in favour of this country’s membership of the European Union. I also raised with him the question of two emails to his leader which have apparently been ignored and he informed me he would broach this the next time they shared ‘a cup of tea’ at Westminster.

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Meeting my Member of Parliament (3)

Having become a constituent in the constituency of Easington (registered this morning!), I have arranged an appointment this coming Friday afternoon with my new Member of Parliament – with a view to ‘introducing myself’.

Needless to say, besides letting Grahame Morris know where I stand on matters of democracy, Parliamentary sovereignty and the European Union, one of the first things I shall be asking him to do is ascertain from the leader of his political party where and when he mislaid his courtesy – I refer to my email to Ed Miliband at the end of November last year and to which I have not even had an acknowledgement; nor an acknowledgement of the ‘reminder’ I sent in early January this year.

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