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That’s another fine mess you gotten us into……..*

When one considers the inane comments that are being emitted by our Members of Parliament where Brexit is concerned, those of us who understand ‘matters EU’ can only grow increasingly frustrated by the day.

From this source we are informed that the main functions of Parliament are to:

  • Check and challenge the work of the Government (scrutiny)
  • Make and change laws (legislation)
  • Debate the important issues of the day (debating) 
  • Check and approve Government spending (budget/taxes)

In order to do any of the above it is necessary that those performing the acts of checking and challenging the work of the Government, making and changing laws, debating the important issues of the day and checking and approving Government spending had any knowledge of just how to go about that. If only MPs had an understanding of the basics about which they would have us believe they do, perhaps we would not be in the mess that they have gotten us into.

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Oh, to have ‘knowledge’ – and to have such believed

I note that he who knows nothing, but whose words are faithfully repeated by those of like-minded capability, has been pontificating on Jean Claude Junker’s views about treaty change.

As has been noted elsewhere, any decision about treaty change, if required and when, is not in the remit of the Head of the European Commission or the Commission as a whole, but is within the remit of the President of the European Council; and only then if so requested by the Heads of State that comprise said Council.

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