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Cameron lies again – when will his pants catch fire?

Today in the House of Commons David Cameron excelled himself in the noble art of being as thick as pig’s excrement – either that or, where matters EU are concerned, he’s a slice short of a loaf.

He maintained that Norway pays more per head to the EU than does the UK (in answer to a question from Philip Davies- Con, Shipley) when this article shows that is not the case.

In answer to a question from Jack Dromey about the need to remain in the EU where the automotive industry is concerned, Cameron replied that it is relevant to the issue of the standards set in Europe and our being a rule maker and not a rule taker, which is very important for our auto industry. Standards are not set by the EU, standards are set by UN bodies and where the automotive industry is concerned standards are set by WP.29, part of UNECE. As for our being a ‘rule maker and not a rule taker’ the mind can but boggle at his thought processes!

Even more so when, in response to a question from Sarah Wollaston about if this grudging and threadbare deal is the best the EU is prepared to concede, what serious hope is there of meaningful renegotiation if or when we are tied in long term under a referendum, Cameron replied that this is not coming at the time of a more general treaty change; it is a one-off. Really? Has the fact that treaty change is most definitely coming passed by the idiot that purports to be our Prime Minister?

On the question of the ’emergency brake’, has Cameron forgotten where he was sitting when William Hague spoke about a ‘red card system’ in 2008? He seemed to be in agreement with Hague, so what changed his mind? Oh I forgot, he’s now got a renegotiation to sell.

In reply to Philip Drax, who asked whether  he (Cameeron) agreed that he, I and this Government are nothing more than tenants whose duty while we serve is to protect our island inheritance—our democracy, sovereignty and freedom—and that we have no right whatsoever to sell it all, let alone cheaply, to a bureaucratic and unaccountable institution like the EU, Cameron responded that after 40 years of the British people not having a say when Europe has changed so much, it is right to give the British people a say again, and thatwhat he wanted to do was give them the very best possible chance to have a say—not between the status quo today and leaving altogether, but with an improved settlement and plan for Britain by which they can choose to stay in or get out. It would help that occur if Cameron did not try to influence the people’s decision with outright lies!

The paucity of the questions put to Cameron would suggest that ‘in the main’ (with apologies to Anne of that name) the majority of them were more concerned with appearing ‘clever’, whilst having no idea of the subject matter they were questioning. It is a great pity they had not read this corruscation of his renegotiation – they might then have been able to formulate a question to which Cameron had no answer.

What we witnessed today in the House of Commons was our current form of democracy at its worst – a Q&A session between ill-informed questioners and a responder who failed to play ‘the white man’ – ie, tell the truth.

All I can say is: bring on The Harrogate Agenda – but then I no longer have a voice in the control of its promulgation; more’s the ‘warry’!

Probably, where Cameron’s renegoiation is going, the quote of the day belongs to Jacob Rees-Mogg: The thin gruel has been further watered down.



I believe that it is better to tell the truth than a lie. I believe it is better to be free than to be a slave. And I believe it is better to know than to be ignorant.
H. L. Mencken

Tony Blair has been speaking in Sedgefield, his old parliamentary constituency, on the subject of this country’s membership of the European Union.

In regard to the opening paragraph, since when have we, the people, actually been asked what are our ambitions as a nation, who we think we are or want to be, or even where we want to go – to which the answer is never as we have always been told all three by some wannabe dictator under the guise of democracy.

He states: Norway and Switzerland both are obliged, as the price of their access to Europe’s market, to accede to a series of European rules even though they cannot influence their drafting. Either he really is ignorant or he is indeed a liar because he must know the facts. EU rules are not ‘EU rules’ as the vast majority do not originate from the EU, but from United Nations bodies such as UNECE, etc; the EU is mandated to discuss the drafting of ‘rules’ with Norway who sits on over 200 EU committees, plus of course Norway has already had input into the ‘rules’ handed down to the EU for implementation as they are members of said UN bodies.

Blair’s intervention on the subject of the UK’s membership of the European Union is but the latest; others,  just as recent, can be found here in the Independent and here in the Herald Scotland. What they all have in common is total ignorance of ‘matters EU’ encapsulating conflation of membership of the EEA and membership of the EU.

Richard North writes about a weak opposition to weak arguments for EU membership – unfortunately the reason for weak opposition is that within the supposed anti-EU brigade are organisations like Open Europe, Business for Britain (to name but two) who write and talk utter tosh, but whose voice appears to carry much weight (Judas Goats?). Where true opposition which deals in facts is concerned, among the political class only Owen Paterson stands out; and among the media, only Christopher Booker. As we have seen, their opinions are ignored by both the political class and the media.

It seems to me that the sooner a group of anti-EU believers can be formed from those that believe in Flexcit and the Norway Option/Model and a press conference held; the sooner the facts can be brought before the electorate thus allowing the lies of Blair et all to be laid to rest once and for all, the better (and if a certain infrequent commenter who is fond of quoting Confucius and that a journey of a thousand miles begins with one small step, repeats such, I may just be forced to cut off his air supply!)

In this forthcoming battle for the future of our country (and its system of democracy) time is of the essence, so a plea: can those forming the aforementioned group of believers in Flexcit and the Norway Option/Model extract the proverbial digit?

Just asking……………………..