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A question or two, Mr. Cameron

Today I received an email from our Revered (not) Leader which I reproduce:

It’s a New Year. And with our economy growing and a strong Conservative majority Government in power, Britain begins it with renewed strength.

For me there are no New Year’s resolutions, just an ongoing resolve to deliver what our party promised in our manifesto. Security – at every stage of your life.

To do this, I need your support.

Over 31 million people will begin the year in work – more than any in our history. And from April, more than half a million working people will be taken out of income tax – and the new National Living Wage will be introduced for everyone over the age of 25.

Meanwhile, millions more will benefit from the new academies, 30 hours of free childcare, rising pensions and extra apprenticeships that we committed to in our manifesto.

And, by building 200,000 Starter Homes, we’ll help even more hardworking people enjoy the security of owning their own home.

As we set out on our journey to build that greater Britain and deliver real security for working people, your support is crucial.

Please donate today, and together we’ll deliver a brighter future for families all across Britain.

Best wishes, and happy New Year,

By clicking on the link one finds the donation is not to the country but to the Conservative Party. Were the donation intended ‘for the country’ one would be permitted to ask why, especially as we all feel the level of taxation, extracted from us by force and under penalty of imprisonment if we decline, is quite high enough (in any case, on this subject what about the argument for ‘Referism‘, a demand repeated in The Harrogate Agenda – Article 5?). As the requested donation is for the Conservative Party one is forced to ask how donating to the political party currently in power will assist in their governance of our country?

On the other hand one can fully understand his not making any New Year’s resolutions – he would only break them anyway, as he has broken manifesto pledges in the past – but I digress.

David Cameron, besides sending out begging emails to all and sundry, also has an article on Conservative Home, an article with which one can take exception due to the content being economical with the actualité.

He writes: And we’ll stand ready to prevent and respond to any threat that comes our way. As I saw for myself this week, the weather can have a devastating impact on homes, livelihoods and whole communities. Because of our competent management of the economy, we are not only able to fund the necessary flood defences, emergency services and support…. let us not go down the route of bringing into that statement the EU’s Water Directive of 2000 and why that has contributed to our woes.

Cameron mentions, in passing, the matter of the forthcoming referendum and that he is fighting hard to fix the aspects of our EU membership that cause so much frustration in Britain. When there is but one overriding aspect that is so important where our membership of theh EU is concerned – namely democracy per se – to pick on the four areas he has is laughable. Where he speaks of it being our decision is derogatory to the electorate when he is guilty, along with so many other politicians, of misleading them.

Moving on he writes: ……we need a more targeted strategy for those most in need of help, focusing on tackling the root causes like worklessness and family instability. Just who is it that has created this problem if not ‘government’ by their continual ‘messing’ of the education system coupled with bribing the electorate with tax credits, child support etc. For him to mention failing care systems where children are concerned, he should remember all the articles by Christopher Booker on this subject – including this one (as I have a vested interest in it).

In his article on Conservative Home, we then come to another misleading statement …we’ll step up our effort to complete the fight for equality with, for example, more work to close the gender pay gap, with a new strategy set out in the New Year. Equal pay for equal work is one of the European Union’s founding principles, embedded in the Treaties since 1957. Currently, the principle of equal pay is enshrined in Article 157 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU), stipulating that “each Member State must ensure the principle of equal pay for male and female workers for work of equal value is applied”. This article has provided a basis for the adoption of European legislation on equal pay, Directive 2006/54/EC providing the concept of equal pay for work of equal value. Article four of this directive provides that for the same work or for work to which equal value is attributed, direct and indirect discrimination on grounds of sex with regard to all aspects and conditions of remuneration shall be eliminated. This provision also stipulates that in particular, where a job classification system is used for determining pay, it shall be based on the same criteria for both men and women and so drawn up as to exclude any discrimination on grounds of sex. So, in other words, he is only doing that which he is mandated so to do by this countrys membership of the European Union.

We then come to another subject: But we also need to address the issues that for too long have been swept under the carpet. Failure to integrate, the dangers of segregation and deprivation, women treated as second-class citizens, communities living side by side but never coming into contact with each other…….. Has not history told us that forcibly enmeshing two different cultures can only lead to social unrest? Once again Cameron is only putting into practice that which, being the ‘good European’ that he is, he must. The Racial Equality Directive (2000/43/EC) is the key piece of EU legislation for combating discrimination on the grounds of racial or ethnic origin and for giving effect to the principle of equal treatment.

If anything is guaranteed to ‘get up my nose’ it is someone who purports to be a person of principle and honour – and, an Englishman to boot who in days of old was renowned for those two qualities misleading – nay lying – to his fellow men and woman; especially when that person is the prime minister of this country.

But then David Cameron may have the title of Prime Minister but he is no more than ‘Gauleiter’ of the region within the European Union known as Region UK.



The Leader’s Debates

Yesterday at Prime Ministers  Questions Ed Miliband attempted to ‘pin down’ Cameron on a head-to-head debate between the two of them (starts @37:50) – that Cameron refused to answer was a surprise (not). No doubt the media will work itself into a frenzy on this issue – but then the media are renowned for dealing in tittle-tattle; and the Leaders Debates are just that: tittle-tattle.

In any event it would not be surprising were the Liberal Democrats to attempt to gain an injunction against such a head-to-head on the basis they were thus denied the opportunity to defend themselves against any accusations that either Cameron or Miliband made about them; coupled with the fact they are unable to question that which both Cameron and Miliband may say on ‘issues du jour’.

Let us take a step back: tittle-tattle is defined in the Concise Oxford Dictionary as petty gossip, chatter. From the same source we also learn that gossip is defined as idle talk or groundless rumour. A lie, from the same source, is defined as an intentionally false statement or a false belief.

Prime Ministers Questions and any Leaders Debate share one common factor: both encapsulate chatter, idle talk, groundless rumour, intentional false statements and/or statements based on a false belief. Both do nothing to inform the electorate, being more concerned with point scoring over their opponent – and, yet again, one has to ask whether democracy per se is best served by such tactics?

Everything we hear from our politicians is an opinion, not a fact; everything we hear from them is a perspective, not a fact. It is an accepted fact that learning is the process of keeping abreast of change and where politicians are concerned, coupled with the foregoing, one of their most pressing tasks is to keep people informed.

That they do not do this – especially where ‘matters EU’ are concerned – is something that cannot be allowed to continue. Whether politicians mislead unknowingly or deliberately, unless they impart truth; and truth contains just fact not opinion, then they are guilty of lying.

Of course it is not just politicians that lie to us, so do some think tanks with their output, be that ‘papers’ or email ‘briefings’. Among the main culprits are Business for Britain, Open Europe and British Influence. Along with politicians, these too must be challenged and no opportunity should be lost in so doing, whether by personal meetings or email.

As I have written previously, the audience of blogs is but a small percentage of the population – and in any event they are ‘preaching’ to the converted. Methinks the time has come to to take the fight to the enemy and indulge in some verbal fisticuffs.