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A question or two, Mr. Cameron

Today I received an email from our Revered (not) Leader which I reproduce:

It’s a New Year. And with our economy growing and a strong Conservative majority Government in power, Britain begins it with renewed strength.

For me there are no New Year’s resolutions, just an ongoing resolve to deliver what our party promised in our manifesto. Security – at every stage of your life.

To do this, I need your support.

Over 31 million people will begin the year in work – more than any in our history. And from April, more than half a million working people will be taken out of income tax – and the new National Living Wage will be introduced for everyone over the age of 25.

Meanwhile, millions more will benefit from the new academies, 30 hours of free childcare, rising pensions and extra apprenticeships that we committed to in our manifesto.

And, by building 200,000 Starter Homes, we’ll help even more hardworking people enjoy the security of owning their own home.

As we set out on our journey to build that greater Britain and deliver real security for working people, your support is crucial.

Please donate today, and together we’ll deliver a brighter future for families all across Britain.

Best wishes, and happy New Year,

By clicking on the link one finds the donation is not to the country but to the Conservative Party. Were the donation intended ‘for the country’ one would be permitted to ask why, especially as we all feel the level of taxation, extracted from us by force and under penalty of imprisonment if we decline, is quite high enough (in any case, on this subject what about the argument for ‘Referism‘, a demand repeated in The Harrogate Agenda – Article 5?). As the requested donation is for the Conservative Party one is forced to ask how donating to the political party currently in power will assist in their governance of our country?

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The Leader’s Debates

Yesterday at Prime Ministers  Questions Ed Miliband attempted to ‘pin down’ Cameron on a head-to-head debate between the two of them (starts @37:50) – that Cameron refused to answer was a surprise (not). No doubt the media will work itself into a frenzy on this issue – but then the media are renowned for dealing in tittle-tattle; and the Leaders Debates are just that: tittle-tattle.

In any event it would not be surprising were the Liberal Democrats to attempt to gain an injunction against such a head-to-head on the basis they were thus denied the opportunity to defend themselves against any accusations that either Cameron or Miliband made about them; coupled with the fact they are unable to question that which both Cameron and Miliband may say on ‘issues du jour’.

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