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Hang on, When spake the Electoral Commission?

Open Europe state, in today’s press summary, that: The Sunday Times reported that the EU referendum ‘No’ campaign is in talks with at least eight cabinet ministers about joining the call for withdrawal. Leaked documents show that the campaign’s chief executive will be Matthew Elliott, the founder of the Business for Britain group. The director of operations will be Victoria Woodcock, Michael Gove’s former private secretary, while Georgiana Bristol, a fundraiser for Boris Johnson’s 2008 London mayoral campaign, will be development director.

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Talking Heads

We read in the Telegraph that George Osborne hails the written agreement that a loan to Greece via the EFSM – which he said was not on the table (ie, it won’t be happening) has been successfully agreed; and that any liabiility against non-repayment is insured. He continues by stating that because the Government refused to compromise its principles, it demonstrates a red-line they will not cross.

The media appears unable to express any incredulity that if one agreement can be torn-up, then just when in the future will this latest agreement suffer the same fate. This entire episode brings to mind ‘Referism‘ incorporated in the 6 Demands of The Harrogate Agreement (specifically Demand #4).

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