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Public appointments

We learned yesterday that Cressida Dick (unfortunate choice of surname) has been appointed ‘top dog’  of the Metropolitan Police Force. Mind you, where public bodies are concerned and funded by the taxpayer and over which we have no say, it is understandable if one of the qualifications to so do  is that he/she fulfills the necessity to be a ‘Richard’.

It is also known that she has ‘history’ of being in charge when things go wrong. When we look at this report one has to wonder, where her appointment today is concern,  just how decisions are made on our behalf. Just why was she ‘demoted’, which begs the question just why has she now been appointed to head the Met?

Not that she is alone  where suspected culpability is concerned; think, for example, Mandelson who was reappointed despite more than two questionable wrong doings – and I wont mention Keith Vaz………..

It would seem, on the face of it, that there is a’club’ in operation, in which those in the club ‘look after their own’ – see the example of Mandelson above. Witness that in 2015 she officially retired to take up an unspecified position in the Foreign Offiice – so how come she can be appointed, two years later, head of an organisation from which she is no longer a member?

If we, the people,  are subject to someone in a position of power and are thus subject to the decisions they make, especially where law and order are concerned – should we not have a voice in their appointment?

The same argument can be made where the appointment of members of the legislature are concerned; currently ones within the remit of the prime minister of the day – but just who, at any time, actually elected any prime minister? Should not we, the people, have the right to vote for those who have the  right to affect, through their decisions, our lives.

The foregoing just exemplifies the deficits with our system of representative democracy. Just how long will you, the people, continue to accept the yoke of representative democracy – aka a democratised dictatorship – before you rebel against the sheep dogs that control your thoughts and movements?

Evolution,  over time, has given we humans the power of reason and thus  of thought; which thanks to our political class has – and is continuing – to be ‘bred’ out of us. Is it not time that, while we still retain some distant element of that knowledge, we began to realise that fact?

Is it not time that we, the people, began to rebel? By ‘utilising the word ‘rebel’ I am not talking about ‘armed resurrection’ or ‘taking to the streets’ – I am suggesting that there is a better way, one which can be exercised though the ballot box.

Is it not time that our political class were told, in no uncertain terms, that they accept the people are sovereign and that until such time they accept and recognise that, they  don’t get our vote?