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Bigotry ‘Trumps’ free speech?

With all the furore about Donald Trump retweeting something from Britain First (of which this is but one example) does, in my opinion, beggar belief.

Was not Ukip considered ‘far-right’ at one time? Did that party not force David Cameron to promise a referendum on this nation’s membership of the EU in a bid to claw back those members of the electorate that had left his party and transited to Ukip?

On a personal level I see a great deal on Twitter and in the media with which I disagreeĀ  but I don’t make a ‘song and dance’ about it as I believe everyone has a right to their views and should be able to espouse them. Neither do I think that anyone should be taken to court for having said something that offends ‘them’, ie the ‘guardians’ of society.

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