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Who knows what transpires behind ‘closed doors’?

With the recent resignation of a Secretary of State for Defense – for the apparent crime of ‘misbehaviour’ – and the growing ‘witch-hunt’ to discover those of his ilk who may be ‘guilty’ of similar crimes, an important question arises.

First though, let us consider a subject that is inherent in the question of ‘misbehaviour’,  where two people are concerned. When two people pledge to spend the remainder of their lives together, if the relationship is to last, then two main factors come into play; of which one is ‘trust’ and the other is ‘fidelity’. Without either, I would contend, no relationship can survive.

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What is an MP for – asks James Gray

Now there’s a question – perhaps it is to raid the public purse, perhaps it is not to understand the lack of the separation of power that presently exists twixt the Executive and Parliament.

Writing on Politics Home, Gray asks: Is it really our job to deal with immigration appeals, benefits disputes, Child Support Agency arguments, planning applications, school placements and the like? Or does this divert us from our true purpose of holding the Government to account?

If the true purpose of an MP, as Gray would seem to suggest, is to hold the government to account, then readers can make up their own minds whether or not he has, based on this and this.

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