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We, the electorate, are being taken for ‘suckers’

When a general election is called in this nation of ours, matters discussed/proposed by our political parties are highly complex. Without doubt the media has a special role to play in assisting the electorate to reach a well-informed opinion and thus make a reasoned decision at the ballot box. Actually, this does not just apply to general elections, but also in the period between said elections.

Reading the media daily, it becomes obvious that not only does it ‘home-in’ on emotional subjects and the plain fact is that the more ‘populist’ the issue – especially if it has an immigration slant – the more articles get written about it. Unfortunately, the journalists so doing are writing with what appears to be ignorance of the subject matter, mainly relying on the words of politicians who also exhibit a similar lack of knowledge. As a result such articles become endlessly laborious and/or futile in that they do not assist/educate the electorate on the matter in question.

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