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Yet more ‘Westminster Bubble’ twaddle – and similar ‘Bubbles’?

Mark Littlewood, Director-General of the Institute of Economic Affairs, writes in the Times Comments section that Westminster must now prepare to lose control.

HIs article commences: Ten months after the EU referendum, there is little overall consensus about exactly how the Leave side triumphed. No doubt, in years to come, screeds of academic papers and doctoral theses will seek to explain why a majority of voters chose to strike such a stunning blow against the status quo. They are just as likely to reach a myriad of contradictory conclusions……(never mind ‘in years to come’ – it is already happening – Ed.) He continues: The default constitutional setting for post-Brexit Britain is that we will continue to be the most centralised economy in the western world. Unless there is a deep, underlying and undetected love for the Westminster and Whitehall establishment among the great British public, the forces that led to the earthquake of the Brexit vote are likely to bring about a fundamental reshaping of our domestic governmental arrangements or, quite possibly, the dismantling of the UK altogether………..

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