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Do you really ken (d) all, Liz?

Liz Kendall, wanna-be Labour Leader, has an article in the Guardian in which, lamenting her party’s failure to win the 2015 general election, she writes: ……We talked about what we would do to them and they didn’t like us. We rarely spoke about what we would do with them……… She also writes that her goal is to get power out of Westminster and into the hands of local people; citing that: …….Labour councils have been leading the way in putting power into people’s hands. In Milton Keynes, communities are trusted to help run libraries and leisure centres. In Glasgow, employers and young people helped design the apprenticeship service……..

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What about living within ones ‘means’

David Cameron is reported to have said that, if relected, he would not cut child benefit.

So the rest of the tax-paying electorate must continue to fund couples having child after child after child so that they, the parents, can continue to have their ‘Costa Del Sol’ holidays, their plasma televisions, their new cars, etc, etc?

Not only that, but a politician can promise a burden on the tax-paying electorate without their being given an opportunity to agree, or not? Wherefore democracy? Or, come to that, Referism?

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