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Compare And Contrast: 2

From my early days of becoming interested in politics – which began when I first started blogging as Witterings From Witney, way back in November 2011, the one politician whom  I often quoted was Ronald Reagan.

Listen to his first inaugural address:

(text here) – and compare that with which our ears are berated today during the campaign season for the June 8th general election.

It is admitted that Reagan was, it could be said, operating under the system of representative democracy but with a slight difference in that, unlike the United Kingdom certain powers were truly devolved and free of ‘central government’ constraints.

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So another charade is forced upon us

As we all now know Theresa May has called a ‘snap election’, citing the fact that in her opinion, whilst she avers the nation is pulling together, there is much discord within the political class.

While personally I tend to view opinion polls with a tad of scepticism, if the following from Mike Smithson can be believed then Theresa May is most definitely in ‘cloud cuckoo land’:

Where May’s comment about discord within the political class is concerned, while representative democracy prevails then there will always be discord because said discord is the result of different political parties seeking one thing; power; namely the power to dictate how the people of this nation should lead their lives.

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Why, if we have democracy?

I have lost count  of members of the political class – and political commentators – who I have taken to task, both in person and on twitter and suggested they may wish to debate with me. Needess to say, not one such invitatation has been accepted; indeed not one decline, just silence.

Richard North, having been invited to appear before the Environmental Audit Committee, is informed just minutes prior to the hearing commencing, that his presence is not wanted due to ‘allegations’ about his internet activity.

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Bit of a ‘rogues gallery’?

Tusks, including those of elephants, are used to produce ivory and are highly valued – if only the same could be said about the tusk of the ‘elephant in the room’.

Donald Tusk has published his response to the letter sent to him by David Cameron in which the latter set out the areas in which he wanted reform. Tusk’s letter has been disected by Richard North in this article, which handily saves me the job of so doing.

One of the areas in which Cameron wants reform is that of sovereignty, included in which is the annulment of ‘ever closer union’ coupled with an enhanced role for national parliaments which allows them to ‘club together’ in order to stop unwanted measures. It is ironic that Cameron (and other politicians), who prattle on about the ‘sovereignty of parliament’, understand not the meaning of the word ‘sovereignty’. Whilst the UK is part of the political aspect of the European Union it can never be in the position of having the full right and power of a governing body to govern itself without any interference from outside sources or bodies. Likewise while the UK parliament is based on representative democracy (as is the EU) the people of the UK will always be subservient to their politicians.

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Another point of view

…………as Winston Churchill put it, democracy is a political system for all, created by everyone together and by each person individually.

The same is true of direct democracy in Switzerland. It is not something that is given, or that just fell out of the sky. It is a very precious and important achievement, which requires daily care and attention, and the more people take part in democratic processes, the better for society as a whole.

…….democracy is all around us……….

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