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Was the recent election ‘legal’?

Boris Johnson tweeted that the new government was one of all the talents – to which I replied that was unfortunately untrue as it was in reality, one of all the talentless. It has to be remembered that the pool from which the government is drawn is one of 650 talentless, ignorant, individuals who, in turn, form the legislature.

Johnson also tweeted that there would be no ‘Norway’ option; no doubt due to the fact he, like the rest of his ilk, believe that Norway – among others who have EFTA membership – has no say in the formation of EU legislation coupled with the fact that it is believed Norway has no control over immigration. Those of us who do have knowledge of ‘matters EU’ can but stare in bewilderment that those who insist only they are sufficiently knowledgeable to govern us are, in fact, not so knowledgeable.

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