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Meanwhile, here in Seaham………..

Stonehenge, as we all know, is in Wiltshire – well, anything Wiltshire can do……….

Where I now live there is ‘Seahamhenge’ (albeit on a slightly smaller scale, hence my name for it):

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The previous photograph is approximately 50 yards from our house, the garden of which – besides having an Escallonia bush –  also has a ‘bottle brush’ bush (or is that a tree?):

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 We have just purchased a canvas print of a photograph (which is entitled ‘Storm Surge’ and which is  ‘copyrighted’) taken in December 2016 when a winter storm hit the North East coast, bringing with it a tidal surge. The waves crashing over the lighthouse/harbour wall are, I believe you will agree, quite spectacular. Mind you, during the winter months (when the Gods are angry) it is a common sight – tidal surge or not:

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