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Social Care – who is to blame?

Like all journalists Hinscliff can be a tad ‘Gaby’, especially about things the history of which she may be a tad too young to know. Writing in the Guardian she has an article headlined: Do-it-yourself social care only works for the very rich.

We all must be aware that the original idea of the creator of the health service in this country, Aneurin Bevan, had the vision of a health service which cared for you ‘from cradle to grave’. Initially it was believed by him  that demand would decline as illnesses were cured. Unfortunately the opposite happened with an ageing population and expensive new technology and drugs creating new financial pressures (something which has continued to the present day); coupled with the perception that the service was ‘free’ no doubt exacerbated demand still further.

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What have we, the people, allowed to happen

It would appear from this article that the supermarket Sainsbury is now  involved in a gender-shaming row as the supermarket investigates allegations that a cashier asked a boy why he had chosen a chocolate snack in pink wrapping rather than blue.

What we have here is either:

  • someone seeking their ’15 minutes of fame’; or,
  • someone seeking ‘compo’ for an alleged slight; or,
  • someone who has no idea of how to be a parent; or,
  • someone with no brain whatsoever.

We now have the producer of the chocolate snack, together with the supermarket, ‘covering their backs’ with a view to ensuring they do not become embroiled in a lengthy court case which may involve mega sums of money in legal fees and costs.

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