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It’s October, not August – or is it?

Within the field of politics it is generally accepted that August is the ‘silly season’, during which we are regaled with all the ‘wacky’ news and views both featuring those of whom we have heard and those of whom our first reaction is: who the hell are they.

We have only begun what may be termed ‘the phony EU Referendum’ period and already we have those with idiotic, unfounded and totally illogical views of what this referendum is about, spouting forth.

Joining the likes of Elliott, Rose, Farage and all the other comedic figures that are tryng to impress us with their knowledge (not) of ‘matters EU’, we now have Charlie Mullins and Caroline Lucas. To which all one can say to Charlie Mullins is: stick to plumbing (which presumably he knows something about – or not as the case maybe) because his article only exhibits what an ass/arse he is. For example, he claims that by ceasing our membership of the EU we would no longer have a place at the ‘top table – FCS, how can anyone ‘manage’ a company and not be aware of the origin of standards to which he has to adhere?

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The EU is indeed the least of our worries

Nearly four weeks ago Richard North wrote an artice about the extraordinarily complex structure of that regulatory environment, which encompasses national, EU and global regulation. It would appear that ‘private reguators’ are not the only ones who operate outside democracy.

An artice in thestar.com (Canada) – lets face it, the content of the article is way above the intellectual capabilities of the UK edition – hints that the recent trade deal twixt Canada and the EU is far from a ‘done deal’; and that it also has implications for the US-EU trade deal (which has yet to be finalised).

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