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It appears I have an invitation to visit Dover

It may be recalled that I wrote about an extensive exchange of emails with both London and Brussels on the subject of the EU website and the difficulties of finding information on any one particular subject. In particular I was interested in how much of the remaining cost was being provided by the UK and from which source(s).

It would appear my cynical presumption that there was bound to be some form of input of public money by way of a government grant was unfounded – as the following response from Shaun Pottage of the Port of Dover shows:

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The EU Website

An extensive email exchange has been taking place with both the London office of the European Union (and Brussels) in respect of the non-transparency where notification of information about the various projects that are announced – especially with regard to those from TEN-T.

A case in point is the scheme to enhance the ports of Dover and Calais, where the EU is contributing €14,261,536 out of a total project cost of €72,027,960. This begged the question of exactly how much was coming, respectively, from the United Kingdom and France  to which I was informed the EU did not hold that information – something which is totally illogical and also farcical – and that I should contact the relative port authorities (I have emailed the Dover contact provided by the EU but to date no response has been received).

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