The Day of Reckoning……

….will be, so we are informed today, Thursday 23rd June 2016; at which time the people of our nation will be allowed to decide the future direction of travel of their nation.

As matters stand – and unless they change – the people will be casting their vote based on no knowledge of the facts due to the efforts of the political class to hide said facts; aided and abetted by an unknowing and compliant media.

David Cameron has lied to me and in so doing lied to the British people, as on every occasion I have tackled him directly the relevant correspondence has been published on this blog – and its predecessor Witterings from Witney.

The lies continue with his statement issued immediately following the charade which took place a day or two ago in Brussels. That statement has been ripped apart by Richard North here and here; consequently there is little point in my repeating them as I fully support and agree with everything he has written.

Where democracy is concerned, democracy is the loser as:

  • a government headed by a prime minister who lies is guaranteed coverage by a compliant media resulting in untruths being aired as fact;
  • ‘Leave’ campaign groups, who are vying for ‘lead designation status’, have no understanding of that that they wish to leave and who appear to be led by those of similar knowledge;
  • those that do know the facts have as much chance as an ice cube in hell of having their views made known because they are unable to ‘crack’ the wall of silence the media has erected as a result of their ‘political class arse-licking’;
  • not one of the current declared  ‘Leave’ campaigning groups has proferred a plan of how we can leave, while the one declared ‘Remain’ campaign is headed by someone who ‘Marks’ his lack of knowledge in the manner of Frank ‘Spencer’.

Coupled with all the foregoing points, when a Parliamntary Select Committee refuses to hear evidence from someone who is ‘well qualified’ to debate ‘matters EU’ for what one can only term spurious reasons, then it becomes even more obvious that democracy in this nation is well and truly ‘procreated’.

Like many of my fellow countrymen I can but weep that we have allowed ourselves to be relegated to the status of mindless robots — and in so doing, we well deserve all that for which we are about to receive, as I believe the people’s verdict will be to remain shackled to the EU.




2 thoughts on “The Day of Reckoning……

  1. I’m not giving up yet David. This sham of a ‘deal’ is being ripped apart by the mainstream media (apart from the BBC) as well as EuReferendum associated bloggers. It isn’t over until the fat lady sings.

    1. I think you are right, ‘the deal’ is not what it seems and it has been spotted by the MSM. In turn they are reacting to attitudes they have got from their readers as yet unseen by the political bubble. So this could be the time to introduce THA?

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