The education of young minds

An article appeared in the Telegraph which suggests that millions of children are ‘being taught a distorted view of European history to push further EU integration’; with Prof David Abulafia, a Cambridge University don, warning that school textbooks are ‘papering over’ historical differences between European nations to promote further integration.

This aticle was brought to my attention on Twitter by Alan King (@Akabilky), in response to which Richard North (@RichardAENorth) asked why this was news.  – and , indeed, it is not news.

Four years ago – yes, back in 2012 – I wrote an article entitled: The ‘forming’ of young minds (do go and read it – and follow the links?). Just for once the Express had an article based on fact which relates to a Secretary of State for Education who was obviously not on top of his ‘brief’; added to which we had a Minister for Europe endorsing a HoC information paper promoting the intervention of the European Union into an area in which they have no competence.

Which begs the questions:

  • do we have joined-up government working in the best interests of those they are supposed to serve?
  • why do the constituents of Aylesbury continually re-elect someone  who helps a supranational body intrude into an area in which it has no business to be – to which the same question can be put to the constituents of Witney?

As the minds of the young appear to be being formed, so have the minds of their elders already been formed – had the latter not, the likes of Cameron and Lidington would have been  drawing their political pension for some years now.


6 thoughts on “The education of young minds

  1. One of the most potent weapons used in the war on our traditional culture/way of life is the continuing indoctrination of the country’s young, impressionable minds. It’s all part of the aims of Cultural Marxism.

  2. I’m with Henry, Indoctrination is the most powerful weapon in their armoury. Give me the boy and I’ll give you the man! The eu is good, national pride is bad. Critical thinking is actively discouraged. The desired result is compliant citizens and they’re doing a fine job. The unintended consequence is we now have to import a lot our top talent because they are educated whereas most of ours are just programmed.

  3. Having taken part in sixth form debates on the EU for a long time as part of the CIVITAS programme, I can confirm that there has been a strong pro EU shift of opinion in the last three years, confirmed by five colleagues in different parts of the country. Until then we almost always won. Now we frequently lose. This is happening in schools which are trying to present a balanced view – or we would not have been invited.

    My own feeling is that this is the result of a programme which, to a greater or lesser extent, has run its course from infants’ schools upwards in the last ten years or so . The EU Commission provides attractive materials, starting with colouring books and the like. I have a teachers’ course guide for juniors, entitled ” The Secret of the Golden Stars”. To this must be added the compulsory PC, multi culti programme, enforced by Ofsted, now under the rather misleading title of ” British Values”.

    CIB published a booklet on the national curriculum for history, entitled ” Generations
    Betrayed – Cutting the Roots of National Identity” . PDF version is available in the publications ( pamphlets) section on

    Mr Gove’s original good intentions were ambushed by the “Blob” so that( for instance) early Islamic civilisation is compulsory but a sequential approach to British history is not.

  4. A very bright young girl at my local grammar school said to me that people in Britain had no Human Rights before we joined the EU. I suggested to her that she read up about the Magna Carta and a few other events in Wikipedia. Being the enquiring sort and having more respect for her elders than many, she took my advice and more, and managed read sufficient to ask some embarrassing questions of her ‘Citizenship’ teacher forcing her to admit that we were probably one of the first countries to have legally enshrined rights. A small victory!

  5. debt also dulls the senses and the young have serious debt.I suppose it’s just another market solution. Everyone is busy paying off debt they dont have time to think! combine modern education with debt and you have the perfect solution to control society.

  6. A bit off topic but I assume we have all seen that the National Union of Teachers is concerned that the government’s anti-extremism strategy, the Prevent programme, is “shutting down” open debates in schools. There was a case recently where the police were called to a school because a child looked at the UKIP website. Is this the same union that refuses to discuss turning schools into academies?

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