The ever tightening noose of political integration?

Not much, if anything, seems to have attracted comment, whether in the British media or blogosphere, on the reported aims of the EU where energy contracts are concerned. Not that this is ‘news’, being the intention was brought to our notice a year ago.

It will not have escaped those readers with intelligence that the EurActiv report mentions ‘energy contracts’, which presumably covers any contract besides that affecting gas.

Yet the foundation of the EU is democracy – to be precise representative democracy.

Just when were we, ‘the people’ consulted on, what may termed, this latest power grab? So energy is now a ‘competence’ of the EU; but since when, if democracy matters, can any body – be that surpranational or national – decide that once having ‘ruled’ on one aspect of a subject, ¬†that only they can have the final word on that subject?

That there are MPs in the House of Commons who are fully aware of this ‘power creep’ – and who are opposed to such – fail to make their opposition more vehemently and lucidly known is open to serious questioning.

When we have MPs such as John Redwood (and others) who attempt to have us believe they are ‘eurosceptic’ and thus are agin membership of the EU, yet who so obviously know not one iota about the case they make against said membership beggars belief. Where is democracy per se when those we elect to represent the concerns of those that elect them appear so ‘brain dead’? ¬†They earn far above the minimum wage and are about to receive a pay rise? Sheesh!

Therein lies the case for the introduction of The Harrogate Agenda – but then we have to ask what those who have ‘taken over’ said idea are actually doing about promoting it; because in so asking, does not logic dictate that had they done their job, representative democracy would have the ‘skids’ put under it and the referendum would now be a ‘slam dunk’ for the leave side?

Yet again, just asking…………….