The people are mere ‘spectators’

Where the forthcoming referendum is concerned, the title of this article has never been truer. The latest ‘tittle-tattle’ that journalism has produced is the offering from James Forsyth in the Speccie Coffee House blog.

Just why does either ‘campaign’ need to be led by a political figure or anyone connected with the establishment? Just when will journalists recognise and accept that the whole idea of a referendum is that it is supposed to be the people’s choice – and in order for them to make that choice all they need is the facts pro and anti membership of the EU? Just when will journalists, in pushing for one ‘campaign’ or another, be ‘open’and in the case of Forsyth admit that the commissioning editor of his article is married to the campaign director of Vote_Leave?

Much has been in the news about Cameron and his cabinet being able to campaign for either view – ‘In’ or ‘Out’ – but if, as Cameron statedUltimately, it will be for the British people to decide this country’s future by voting In or Out of a reformed European Union in the referendum….. then the question must be asked, should not our politicians refrain from expressing their individual preference on the basis that as politicians it has nothiing to do with them? Unless of course they have a hidden agenda, in which case should we not be told what that is?

We are supposed to have democracy in this country – which we don’t – consequently what exists can be compared to a spiders web; a widening circle of compliant pressure groups and media; and controlling everything, at the centre, a prime minister with his feelers touching every strand of the web of deceit which he has created.

Democratised dictatorship, anyone? That it is, is beyond doubt. I would refer readers to an earlier article and the words of Peter Grant (Glenrothes – SNP) who said: For Scotland, sovereignty does not reside in this place, and it does not reside in those of us who have been sent to serve in this place. It resides for ever in those who have sent us to serve here. Watching the proceedings one could almost see, if not feel, the shudder of fear that permeated those MPs present when it  dawned on them that one of their own kind felt that the people should be able to over-rule them.

Until the media, in all its forms, starts to publish the truth, starts to publish/air the views of those that buy their services, we ‘the people’ will remain mere spectators of an event that is all about us!

2 thoughts on “The people are mere ‘spectators’

  1. I understand what you are saying, however, imagine the Normandy beaches, an assault without clear leadership and direction. It would have failed miserably.

    I don’t need a leader and you don’t need one, we have researched, evaluated and come to our own conclusions and we are near immovable. This is not the case, sadly, with the general population. However logical and irrefutable it seems to us we mustn’t make the mistake of thinking that everyone is similarly motivated. They’re not, at all.

    Unless a credible leader with the required charisma and perceived gravitas is found I fear we’re going nowhere. Failure to field such a person will lead to people deferring to the ones who are already there, Cameron et al. The populace will suck it up, oblivious to the reality that the positions and proclamations are based on obfuscations and downright lies.

    Carswell makes a good effort here:

    I’m not a great fan of him, his idea of democracy only stands if you agree with him but he addresses the salient points in a believable fashion but the same sentiments presented by a much higher profile person would be most beneficial.

    1. You say – “I don’t need a leader” and explain how you have researched and evaluated things before coming to a conclusion Well you are not alone, so have other people. However, they have come to another conclusion, one that contradicts yours! In other words it seems leadership is irrelavant and the real mistake is to assume a common outcome from the same activity. Furthermore, it would be another mistake to conclude there are people who need a leader and thus ‘helped’ would all come to the same conclusion because of some gravitas, charisma and credibility. I suggest the end result would not show this.

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