The state will provide………

Or so we have been brought up to believe – in which case we must all now believe in fairies. In our belief in fairies we have lost sight of the fact that the world in which such a Utopia does not – and cannot – logically exist. To those who say: ‘I want’ – or: ‘I am entitled’, did not Thomas Sowell say:  Since this is an era when many people are concerned about ‘fairness’ and ‘social justice,’ what is your ‘fair share’ of what someone else has worked for? (think those who voted for Corbyn’s ‘promised’ ‘abolition of student loans’?

 That simple fact is something that ‘the young’, who are supposed to be intelligent human beings (having had a ‘first-class education), appear not to realise (or been taught). Yet those who have been ‘educated’ in the last decade – or two, or three? – do not appear to have been taught that the State has no money of its own, other than that which it procures by enveiglement – or force: fact!

Which makes this article all the more pointless – and another example of someone who has not ‘engaged brain’. The author of the linked article states that students should have been taught about compound interest; more importantly, were they even taught about simple interest under what government after government would have had us believe was a first class education system? Those same governments who would have us believe that they are educating the future leaders of our society and nation? If so, they have failed – as in so much else. As a result, if those ‘future leaders’ do not understand the difference twixt compound and simple interest, our nation is doomed; however, it would make them first class politicians!

Question:when did the governments of the past or present inform us that they intended to pass the funding of their ‘grand scheme’ over to what are no more than ‘asset strippers’? Did I blink and miss that snippet of information?

This particular item is but  an example of the fact that if we wish to live in a society within which the majority are content, then we need to take an interest in what ‘government’ does – especially that ‘behind our backs’.

As the ‘catchphrase’ of Direct Democracy 4 UK says: To make democracy work we must be a nation of participants, not merely observers.

Can we now get behind the idea of direct democracy – please?

Afterthought: should not this ‘doyen’ of our journalistic class be more worried about the inability of our politicians to differentiate twixt the ‘simple’ and ‘complex’ matters regarding Brexit?