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Businesses in Switzerland are watching with great interest – and with some trepidation – at the slow progress of the UK’s divorce from the European Union. Perhaps, inadvertently,  one participant at the recent British Swiss Chamber of Commerce (BSCC) meeting hit the nail on the head by stating: ……….At the moment, Brexit is a big vanity project for politicians and not at all about the reality of what will happen.

Where the UK and her politicians are concerned it would appear this comment is ‘spot-on’ as Theresa May and some members of her party; ably assisted by so-called ‘experts’,  coupled with unknowing think-tanks and journalists; has driven herself into a  cul-de-sac with her ‘Brexit means Brexit’ and ‘no deal is better than a bad deal’ plan – and is now unable to find a reverse gear, without losing face. At this point – where the words ‘vanity project’ are concerned – I would also add into the mix the suggestion I made in my preceding article.

It has been suggested elsewhere that should Theresa May continue with her vow to withdraw the UK from the Single Market then we face a choice of calling our politicians to account, or going hungry. If only we could call our politicians to account now/today, but unfortunately the next opportunity to do just that will not occur until 2020 – after which we could find ourselves up the proverbial creek without a paddle. Yes, every constituent could write to their Member of Parliament, but to what effect. Members of Parliament do not owe their allegiance to their constituents but to the political party that put them forward to stand for election – and if they wish to maintain their careers, said allegiance will not change. Come 2020 no doubt we will be asked to re-elect the same individuals that have previously made a pig’s ear of the job to which they were entrusted.

It has been said that that to make democracy work people must participate in that process and not be merely observers. Currently the people of the UK are the latter; to which one can only pass the comment that they are fools as they only need to look at Switzerland and the system of democracy that prevails in that country to then see how politicians can be controlled – and not have said politicians treat the country as their personal fiefdom, as is the case in the UK.

As a personal aside, I still maintain that if as much effort had been put into the promotion of direct democracy (THA) as has been put into FlexCit then I believe we would not be in the mess we now are in – and not just with our democracy but also Brexit. The stages in FlexCit are akin to giving someone with strong suicidal tendencies a loaded revolver, accompanied by a plan showing him how he can overcome said tendency and making the last stage an instruction: don’t pull the trigger.


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  1. Your last paragraph, well yes. So let’s look on the bright-side at least THA died peacefully and with some dignity rather than the almost hysterical shroud waving of the other stuff.

    1. No it did not die peacefully! It was suffocated by those who adopted it! Yes there was dignity within THA but it was murdered by those who cared nowt about dignity – only their own agenda.

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