Thought of the day – but not just for today

It has become obvious that those in the world of media know no more about Brexit than those entrusted to enact Brexit – much to the detriment of those who must rely on the efforts of those entrusted to deliver the edict of our current Prime Minister, namely Brexit means Brexit.

Almost daily we are assailed with hundreds of words – if not thousands – written and spoken by politicians, journalists, think tanks, etc, ie ‘bullshit’; all of which cannot withstand rebuttal, said rebuttal containing detailed facts which have been carefully researched. Yet it is also obvious that those who have done the necessary research and can thus rebut the aforementioned bullshit, when given the opportunity so to do by the media to find their input curtailed/truncated to the point of inconsequence.

I have often posed the question about whether politicians are in the pocket of the media, or whether the media are in the pocket of politicians – which, in fact,  is an unanswerable question because both groups have built an ‘industry’, each dependent on the other for their existence.

Just how has it come about that those elected to represent the interests of those who elect them have built an ‘industry’ of self-preservation and advancement; and those who are supposed to inform the people of the truth have managed to do likewise, encompassing each constructing a two-way reliant ‘industry’? More importantly, how is it that the people have allowed each to continue?

The simple answer to the aforementioned question posed at the end of the preceding paragraph must be that the people are unaware of the power they possess, which is where the ideas of The Harrogate Agenda (THA) enter the equation – not that those now ‘running’ said idea seem to have considered this aspect.

As I have replied to Tony Day in the comments section of this article, after 1st October there will be developments – that I promise.





5 thoughts on “Thought of the day – but not just for today

  1. Promises. That’s all the people have ever been given. It keeps politicians in office, and is bolstered by the media – especially the BBC. They are worse than New Year resolutions. Little wonder the majority of voters in the EU referendum made up their minds on information available from outside the media, or based on experiences and beliefs since we joined in ’72.

    As to who’s in whose pocket, they are all in a much bigger one. One that controls the wealth of the world, for the benefit/amusement of the wealthy of the world; the Rothschilds, Rockefeller’s et al.

    Any ‘power’ the people have has long been usurped through regulatory requirements for every day living and working. Taxes, licences, fees of association, mortgages, tenancy contracts. We are contracted into subservience for fear of losing a hard earned lifestyle by bankruptcy, eviction, loss of property, and Court.

    We may be far removed from 120yrs ago when a tenant of a parish could be evicted for not doffing his hat to a Gamekeeper, Doctor, magistrate, or Factor when walking out, but we are still under certain orders that need to be fulfilled to maintain our comparative comfort zone. We live in fear of these things. We have no power. That lay with the wealthy – always has done in general.

    So what’s your “promise”?

  2. How people like to ‘pigeon-hole’. I am neither left or right, and conspiracies can be real. If anything, I am merely cynical, and from a working ‘class’ man of 69yrs – no prizes for guessing why. And I can be patient too – though will not tolerate fools.

  3. @Derek Reynolds

    If there was a way of up voting on this site I would up vote you 🙂
    Cynical? no merely a realistic appraisal of the way things are.

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