Tired of waiting for you

Paraphrasing the lyrics of The Kinks, ‘you’ refers to our politicians, our media and the majority of the public who voted for Brexit.

For ‘starters’ I am tired of waiting for:

  • politicians who believe one can ‘leave’ the EU and remain in the Customs Union;
  • politicians who believe that the UK can leave the Single Market and the Customs Union and still trade with the EU;
  • politicians who believe that a free trade deal with the EU can be negotiated within two years (or less), when history shows us otherwise;
  • politicians who believe that membership of EFTA means having to obey all the rules of the EU without any say in their formation;
  • politicians who believe that membership of the EEA means being unable to control immigration;
  • politicians who appear to have no idea that the EU is but a middleman where the setting of global standards are concerned

In short, I am tired of waiting for politicians who know nothing of ‘matters EU’ to show an inclination to rectify their lack of knowledge on the subject; I am tired of politicians who believe they are Gods gift to the country when in fact they are the greatest curse our country has borne.

I am tired of a media who blithely repeat the statements of politicians without any thought as to whether what the latter is saying is true or not. I am tired of a media who, unlike any of the electorate, can hold politician’s ‘feet to the fire’ on a daily basis – but don’t.

I am tired of those members of the political class, the media and the public who populate Twitter with their unfounded, basically ‘crap, opinions.

I am tired of the exuberance of youth who consider that the elderly are an anchor to what they see as progressiveness, equality, diversity; and who, bluntly, appear unable to see beyond the end of their noses, who show no interest in ‘matters of the world’ and only appear interested in the next ‘freebie’ promised them by their politicians.

I am tired that the people of this country appear no longer to wish to learn from history – but then history, per se, seems not to be taught any longer in our schools. Were it, people would be aware the Roman Empire lost the strengths that had allowed it to exercise effective control which included the effectiveness and numbers of its army, the health and numbers of the Roman population, the strength of the economy, the competence of its rulers, the religious changes of the period and the efficiency of its civil administration.

That which caused the demise of the Roman Empire has happened – and is still happening – to the United Kingdom. One day – probably not in my lifetime – the people will come to their senses, but by then it will no doubt be to late for their deliverance.

One day, in the future, the people of the United Kingdom will learn that one country, Switzerland, installed a system of government in which they, the people, controlled the destination of their country because the system they adopted controlled their politicians.

Just saying…………


2 thoughts on “Tired of waiting for you

  1. David,i think you’ve missed one,….tired of waiting for THA?

    although if i take myself over to a certain website,a place I’m reliably imformed where all the “action” happens, i find certain individuals actually waxing lyrically about how THA could have possibly helped prevent the recent fire in London no less!

    1. Well that is true, however I felt it ‘politic’ to not annoy, any more, he who is in total ‘de-Niall’ as to why THA has not been progressed as it should have been.

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