What happens next?

An intriguing situation has arisen in Switzerland on the question involving the ‘free movement of people –  one of the EU’s ‘red lines’.

We read that the Lower House has ‘capitulated‘ in this regard encapsulating a ‘row’ in that legislature.

The Swiss media appear to be not ‘happy bunnies’, with Tages Anzeiger stating the Swiss government has ‘capitulated’ and the lower house decision “must not be the last word” on the matter; while in Berner Zeitung the claim is made that the referendum was “deliberately ignored” and what parliament has decided “has nothing to do with the constitutional mandate”.

It is worth noting that the Swiss Constitution states the government must (Article 33 (2): take cognizance of petitions – which presumably means they must also take note of ‘initiatives’; and that Article 137 states: that political parties in Switzerland contribute to the forming of opinion and will of the People – which then begs the question if political parties contribute to the forming of opinion and will of the people then it must be a ‘given’ that they can have no ‘override’ where the will of the people is concerned – and, if they do, what price direct democracy? Are certain Swiss political parties attempting to ‘override’ the Swiss Constitution?

Either the people, under a system of direct democracy are sovereign, or they are not – and if they are not, then it cannot be a system of direct democracy. If any government, operating under a system of direct democracy, instead of instigating a policy and then sitting back waiting for opposition, should propose a course of action and invite the people to instigate a referendum on the question within a given timescale? In so doing they can then provide a fair and unbiased statement for their intensions ( see: https://scribblingsfromseaham.com/thats-the-way-to-do-it/).

It would appear the vote was ‘carried’ by those of the left and centre-left who, it is known are pro-EU membership. I have emailed my Swiss SVP political contact, encapsulating the question of what they, as a party, intend to do about this; also querying whether a constitutional crisis is looming  – and when said response is received, I will publish same.

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      1. You’re lucky I only found out about it by chance, not invite. I hope you’ll let us know what is said and agreed.

  1. Democracy is under deep and systematic assault. Neo liberal globalisation will probably rid the world of the last vestige of democracy, one only has to look at TTIP or TPP to see what the future holds.

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