What have we, the people, allowed to happen

It would appear from this article that the supermarket Sainsbury is now  involved in a gender-shaming row as the supermarket investigates allegations that a cashier asked a boy why he had chosen a chocolate snack in pink wrapping rather than blue.

What we have here is either:

  • someone seeking their ’15 minutes of fame’; or,
  • someone seeking ‘compo’ for an alleged slight; or,
  • someone who has no idea of how to be a parent; or,
  • someone with no brain whatsoever.

We now have the producer of the chocolate snack, together with the supermarket, ‘covering their backs’ with a view to ensuring they do not become embroiled in a lengthy court case which may involve mega sums of money in legal fees and costs.

Just what sort of society have we allowed politicians to create; aided and abetted by fake charities and pressure groups all of whom are attempting to get a ‘slice of the action’, be that formulating law, formulating society for their own ends, or whatever other reasons.

When I were a lad such a comment would have been ‘laughed off’ by my parents, maybe encapsulating a tad of repartee. No-one would have considered they had been embarrassed or slighted; the entire incident would have been considered no more than ‘conversational banter’.

It amazes me that ‘industries’ have evolved to involve themselves in what are perceived, by them, to be defects in society that need correction; thus increasing the drain on the public purse. Another example of what is perceived to be a societal defect is that of ‘bullying’.

When I was at boarding school in the 50s I was ‘bullied’, also I was expected to ‘run around’ doing errands for older boys, cleaning shoes for example – then currently known as ‘fagging’ (the modern connotation had not then been invented).  Invariably, in the ensuing encounter following my refusal to comply,  I ‘came off worse’, but the bullying soon ceased as both the bully and the ‘fagger’ discovered the first thing they got was a ‘bloody nose’.

When ‘society’ negates the basic principle of ‘standing up for oneself’ then society is doomed to become no more than robotic fodder of those over whom they have no control. Do not politicians ‘bully’ the people by passing laws that dictate we must comply or suffer penalties? How about we inform them that they change their ways or none of them get our votes? What political party would dare attempt to form a government on a turnout of 20% of the electorate? That would, indeed, be a ‘bloody nose’!

The fact we are in the parlous societal state we are can be laid at the door of our educational system over the ages,  the ‘fake charities’ and ‘do-gooders’ who have secured the ears of our politicians – and our own apathy as to what has been happening ‘under our noses’. In respect of the last point, is it any wonder our society and nation have both sunk to the nadir they have?

To our politicians, fake charities and do-gooders I can but repeat what I believe is a Swedish proverb: sweep first before your own door, before you sweep the doorsteps of your neighbours – in other words, put your own house in order first, before you try and reorganize ours.

Just saying…………


8 thoughts on “What have we, the people, allowed to happen

  1. Yes, it’s become a minefield.

    One of the most intimidating measures in recent years is the ‘perception’ of bullying.

    One doesn’t need to actually be racist towards somebody, but they can be perceived to be so. This puts a tremendous amount of power in the hands of the would-be victim.

    It is interesting to note that at present there is concern for people who are experiencing “loneliness” – as is the fad now, this is not really a concern, but an ‘epidemic’.
    Could it possibly be that people are terrified of interaction with other people for fear of offending them?

    Political correctness has a lot to answer for.

  2. David,
    “…Swedish proverb: sweep first before your own door, before you sweep the doorsteps of your neighbours…” or quote from the Bible regarding Motes and Beams.

    But I think the main problem is the current tendency; which has been around for quite a few decades; to treat everything with equal seriousness and importance. Perhaps one day the pendulum will begin to swing in the opposite direction and those who exhibit childish whining will be told to grow up, shut up and man up.

  3. >”The fact we are in the parlous societal state we are can be laid at the door of our educational system over the ages…”

    I think this strikes close:-

    1. Without teaching “Personal Responsibility” effectively you get “Victimization”.
    2. With that you get “Low Standards” and regression and lack of adaptation.
    3. With that you get “Lack of Respect” for those who’s job is to teach “personal responsibility” effectively which again leads to regression.
    4. Without “correct conduct” you cannot begin to create a culture for “higher learning” for example improved academic learning results from personal responsibility (parents, child or student) in mathematics or other high aptitude areas.
    5. This is what is called “Community Culture which forms what is called society culture”. Comparison with other nations in education league tables reflect this.

    Education systems are a product of the culture of the society and it’s values eg “human rights”. Instead we have this circus running around this hole in the middle of society. It’s all very “feel-good” but is it effective?

  4. Around thirty years ago, I was very irritated by the introduction of something called “The Peace” into the communion service of our parish church. As practised there, it was a sort of melee of people milling around the church, hugging each other and chattering right in the middle of the service.

    I was told that this was “welcoming” and would help to bring in people of different ethnic cultures to the church. ( it didn’t, as it happened).

    I said that it did not fit with our culture, as we are, or were then, generally a rather reserved people. We were ethnic too and our ethnicity should be respected. This was treated with blank incredulity, scorn and incomprehension – the very idea that mainstream native British culture existed and was worthy of any crespect or onsideration at all.

    1. In view of the disgrace to democracy, Parliament and MPs over the Vaz election to the Justice Committee I believe the powers of Parliament over appointments, be they political or fake charities needs, to be curtailed somewhat.

  5. When seeking a grant to allow my severely-disabled wife to safely shower and to move between her bedroom and the living room by means of a stair-lift, I approached the County Council for a Disabled Facilities Grant, as I feared for my wife’s health, safety and well-being if better facilities were not provided. The resultant bureaucracy was formidable, but being well educated, as well as being in possession of all the facts regarding the DFG’s and their provision, I felt comfortable with the intrusive questions, the reams and reams of paper, and the rest of the palaver associated with any brush with petty dictators Council Officials. However, when the appropriate official came to view our house, and to agree what items my wife needed, they came upon a stumbling block.

    My wife was confined to a wheelchair, and I had built a ramp outside the back door, which allowed me to transport my wife from a two-foot high step safely down a slope, rounding a corner and through a further slope to the garden path. I am fairly proficient with all manner of tools, though probably a little slower than I used to be, but get the job done safely; which of course was to move my wife’s wheelchair towards the car. This snippy Council clown who was graced with the title ‘Occupational Therapy Representative’ made arrangements for the bath to be removed, and the provision of a walk-in shower, he also allowed for the provision and fitting of a stairlift so my wife could safely move up and down stairs; but he also stated that my wooden ramp did not ‘come up’ to Council safety standards, and they would be ordering and fitting a ‘stainless-steel ramp’ complete with hand-rail, totally compliant with Council requirements, and it would only cost an extra £2,600.00. I told him categorically that I did not need a ramp, but, unknown to me, the recommendations included the new Ramp.

    I was interviewed by some tight-lipped bitch from the Council’s financial side about my own financial resources, and answered all the intrusive questions satisfactorily; but again the Ramp was stated to be part of the package. I again stated I did not need the ramp, but was met with implicit blackmail or unspoken threats that work which is essential to my wife’s health and well-being is at risk of being disallowed because I am unwilling to accept that the ‘County Council knows best’, and I should knuckle down and allow such work on a ramp, which I know to be totally irrelevant and unnecessary, to proceed because ‘The DFG is written to include the Ramp, therefore the Ramp must be built’! I was further visited once more by the OT representative, and in my presence, contacted a contractor to arrange his visit to complete a survey for this bloody RAMP.

    I DID NOT dash to a newspaper, and sob out how I was being harried, I did not complain to any outside party, I sat down and composed a blistering e-mail to several very senior County council officials. The noise of people covering their own arseholes was deafening. The snippy officious official’s contract was swiftly terminated, the stairlift and the walk-in shower room were both completed, and although the Council insisted on my signing a document which absolved them of all responsibility if an accident happened whilst transporting my beloved wife down the ramp, my wooden ramp remains in place today. I fought the County Council bunch, they caved on the spot, but I never felt the need to trumpet my victory on the pages of local or national newspapers. I mean; I won, now let’s move on!

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