When David Cameron said ‘he ruled nothing out’….

….did we realise what it meant?

I wonder how many of the electorate saw Hardtalk, aired on 24th February 2016, which was quite an ‘insightful’  interview of Martin Schulz conducted by Sarah Montague.

Perhaps the most telling comment from Martin Schulz comes (@11:29) when Schulz states:  For the first time a Prime Minister of the United Kingdom is fighting for Europe and the European Union; this is progress in itself.

For one who has stated that he believes in the United Kingdom, it then begs the question why is he fighting for the European Union?

On Cameron’s ‘reforms’ Schulz earlier states, in answer to a question from Sarah Montague about whether the changes to migrant’s benefits will stop migrants coming to o the UK, Schulz said (04:57) : I don’t believe so, the whole exercise was to protect the United Kingdom for the time being….. (my emphasis).

On the subject of ‘contagion’ (whether other Member States, seeing what the UK has got, might want the same), Schuilz states that it was a ‘UK deal’ and it does not mean others may follow.

I believe Schulz is an authortive voice in the European Union and as such carries ‘weight’, so it follows that which he said was probably agreed in advance with his ‘contempories’.

As with all politicians, nothing they say can be taken at ‘face value’ and the sooner they begin talking to us in plain English, the better!

Politicians don’t indulge in ‘spin’, ‘double talk’ and ‘propaganda’? Tsk; ours do; and I don’t believe Schulz does!



6 thoughts on “When David Cameron said ‘he ruled nothing out’….

  1. Mr Cameron is a traitor to our country and that has been apparent for quite a few years. People such as Mr Cameron have one important trait; they don’t frighten the horses and that’s why he’s gotten away with his agenda over the past 6 years or more if you take into account his time as leader of the opposition. I pray that God lifts the veil from our eyes and we see him for what he is. I don’t know how he sleeps at night. Then again, psychopaths have no sense of guilt.

  2. There are two potentials here, neither attractive, either someone has a huge foot on Cameron’s neck or there’s a huge unseen carrot being offered.

    I watched the Churchill drama last night, brought a tear to my eye more than once, Where are the people like him today, why haven’t we got any? In the same situation Cameron would have claimed disability benefit and claimed his retirement package.

  3. Do Google “Martin Schulz makes a fool of himself” – a short video clip of Schulz berating Richard Sulik, the Slovak Deputy Prime Minister. Slovakia, a poor country, joined the euro and kept all the rules. Suddenly it was faced with a demand to contribute to the bail out for much richer countries which had broken all the rules. Not unreasonably, Sulik points out that the Lisbon treaty guaranteed that no country would ever be made responsible for another country’s debt. Now, view on……

    1. Edward Spalton, thank you for the prompt, the best clip on YouTube is this one –


      as it has, for me, the essential subtitles. As we saw in the ‘Greek crisis’ the wider point being made that Germany breaks the rules and gets away with it while lesser countries get clobbered is true. So much for a ‘union’, a collection of equals. And remember the arrogant Wolfgang Schäuble offered Greece 100 tax inspectors while as we can see 100 border guards would be more useful. Although not if drawn from the ranks of the Cologne police!

  4. Yes David. The comment by Schulz about Cameron was noted and it is highly significant coming from one who probably understands Cameron’s mind on matters EU better than the UK electorate! But………
    “No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one and love the other, or else he will hold to the one and despise the other”. (Gospel of Matthew – New Testament)

  5. This confirms what I thought about the meeting of 18/19 February and the report put out from this meeting that the other 27 heads of government were fraudulently giving Cameron every assistance to keep the UK in. Cameron’s speech outside Downing Street was a pack of lies. Booker’s Telegraph article on Sunday just adds one more betrayal to the litany we have seen from our leaders over EU integration over the years.

    Since the BBC also knows that the negotiations are a total fraud they too are complicit in the deception. They are all in this together.

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