Who is the boss – bearing in mind who pays the bill?

On 25th September the Swiss people will decide, in a referendum, whether pensions should be increased; whether the powers of the Swiss secret service should be increased; and whether Switzerland should increase its carbon footprint.

Contrast this ability of the Swiss electorate to decide such matters compared with those in the United Kingdom where the decision is taken by their elected ‘representatives’ over whom they have no control whatsoever where the decision process is concerned.

With regard to the pension system in Switzerland it is well worth following all the links to understand the ‘three pillar system’ – which seems, to me, both sensible and workable. It also overcomes the problems caused by various governments in the UK who have ignored the increasing problem of an ageing population and how to cater for that, financially.

Contrast the second with the situation in the UK where our government arbitrarily decide what will happen where what may be termed ‘snooping’ on private data is concerned.

The third link relates to an initiative by the Green Party and, again, contrast that situation whereby the decision is one for the Swiss people; as against, in the UK, where the decision is made by the European Union, in respect of its environmental  policies; and whereby consequently the UK Parliament is rendered impotent as they have abrogated their powers.

When we look at Demands #4 and #5 of The Harrogate Agenda, which requires that no law or taxes should be imposed without the agreement of those any law might affect or who have to provide funding of same;  then tell me do: which is the more democratic system?

Where ‘Brexit’ is concerned, personally I have but one message to our political class and ‘opinion formers’ who ‘flood’ the media with their views based on their lack of knowledge of such – until they can produce a viable alternative to the only published plan (FlexCit) to accomplish ‘Brexit’ for the benefit of the United Kingdom: Zip It! (@DavidAllenGreen and  his sycophants, please take note!)

Until such time as we, the people, accept that representative democracy is but a form of democratised dictatorship and choose a system of democracy that puts we, the people, in charge of our lives and nation, any talk of Brexit is, I would suggest,  pointless – something that those who have usurped The Harrogate Agenda and those who ‘blindly’ follow FlexCit, need to recognise.

Just saying………..


5 thoughts on “Who is the boss – bearing in mind who pays the bill?

  1. David who ” ‘ blindly’ follow FlexCit” ? can you give any examples? does this mean you don’t support FlexCit? Personally I’ve always considered FlexCit is nothing more than a political pamphlet designed to counteract the FUD of remain people.What i find disturbing is the almost obsessional need to defend the economics and not the democratic issues.

    1. I can, but you only have to read the comments section of RN’s blog…………..

      I most certainly do.

      My comment was aimed at those who cannot see the futility of having THA as stage six and then wonder why the political class will not mention it.

      THA should have been – and must be – a separate movement; as I have maintained all along

      1. The fact THA is the last thing in FlexCit says it all,the fact it now gets very little support on RN’s,or PN’s blog should inform us that it not only should be separate from FlexCit, but separated from said persons.

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