Who is this ‘We’, gentlemen?

It would appear that a  decision of the Swedish Prime Minister, Stefan Löfven, to pass a comment on the tax matters of the United Kingdom has outraged two of our finest among the political class.

Owen Paterson has reportedly stated: We decide the level of tax raised by politicians. It’s absolutely nothing to do with a foreign prime minister,  while Steve Baker, also reportedly, stated: Of course we need to negotiate in an atmosphere of good faith, but the bottom line is, we’ll set our tax rates, thank you.

Since when did those in this country, who provide the tax revenues, have any say in the level of taxation they have to pay; and under pain of imprisonment if they do not? The levying of taxation is probably the biggest example of criminality perpetrated by government – ie, “stand and deliver”. Practice that outside of government and it is more than likely you will have free accommodation for a few years.

Consider: before employing someone to perform work for you, do you not ask for an estimate? So why do we continue to employ politicians to work for us without first getting an estimate?

At the end of the day the foregoing is about accountability – but are our politicians really accountable to anyone?

We are frequently informed by politicians that we, the electorate, can punish them by voting them out of office if we do not like their policies. Just where is the punishment in that? Yet again consider: they retire on pensions funded from the public purse and use their resumés and connections made during their political careers for their own financial advantage. That is punishment? It is unfortunately amusing that there appears to be so many examples of politicians doing better financially than when they were in office.

In concusion: less of the ‘We’, gentlemen, where the governance of this country is concerned – please?

5 thoughts on “Who is this ‘We’, gentlemen?

  1. David, the Brexit momentum for change is diminishing daily and the Harrogate Agenda is just a memory. Give it a few more months and it will be as if none of this ever happened. Once again we’ve snatched defeat from the jaws of victory and allowed the parasite class to make it all about them.

  2. I can sympathise with the above comments, but I see signs of hope.

    The EU referendum highlighted to the establishment that the people of this country are not going to willingly trundle along any path that they have laid out.

    This is not only happening amongst those seen as ‘right wing’, but also amongst the left’s adherents.
    I may not like Jeremy Corbyn, but he is portraying himself as being democratic and standing up to the establishment (although he seems to have gone missing when it came to any vote on the Lisbon Treaty)

    The public are completely cynical on so many issues concerning our flawed democracy, and I believe that there is an increasing demand for our politicians to start working for the people for whom they were elected to serve.

    Unfortunately, we are being destroyed by stealth, and the traitors in our Parliament are now racing us to the line.

    I actually believe that Corbyn is doing us a massive favour (and no, I can’t believe that I’ve just typed that!)

  3. It may be that Jeremy Corbyn is portraying himself as anti-establishment. It’s also true that his direct opponent for leadership, the odious Owen Smith, is both anti-Brexit and ex-BBC. Those two features alone mark him out as being of a type. However, in both cases I cannot see much merit in either of them. Also –

    “The EU referendum highlighted to the establishment that the people of this country are not going to willingly trundle along any path that they have laid out” –

    So it occurs to me that THA has been taken over by a version of the establishment, who have laid out a path that few are willing to follow. Let’s not forget that in June the UK voted for Brexit. While in the same month in both Rome and Turin the 5 Star movement got enough votes to take the office for Mayor in each city. The first THA meeting was four years ago and the 5 Star movement founded in 2009. And of the many things to ponder the 5 Star believes in Direct Democracy.

    1. Yes just think what could have been…..THA,the movement,the new anti politics party has stunning victory in elections …..oh one can dream i suppose….

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