Why, if we have democracy?

I have lost count  of members of the political class – and political commentators – who I have taken to task, both in person and on twitter and suggested they may wish to debate with me. Needess to say, not one such invitatation has been accepted; indeed not one decline, just silence.

Richard North, having been invited to appear before the Environmental Audit Committee, is informed just minutes prior to the hearing commencing, that his presence is not wanted due to ‘allegations’ about his internet activity.

This aversion, by those in the Westminster Bubble, not being willing to hear an alternative viewpoint on any given subject may be due to their being wedded to the ‘meme du jour’; it may be due to their wish to become a politician; it may be due to those already a politician thinking about their future careers within politics; or it may be due to their being just ‘pig ignorant’.

In the hands of such lies the ability to form public opinion, to which one has to ask: is this how democracy should work? When Philip Drax asked Cameron whether politicians and Government are nothing more than tenants whose duty while we serve is to protect our island inheritance—our democracy, sovereignty and freedom— and that we have no right whatsoever to sell it all, let alone cheaply, to a bureaucratic and unaccountable institution like the EU; Cameron, in effect, ignored Drax’s question – is this how democracy should work? When Ian Martin was challenged by me, on twitter, in response to his tweet about Brexiteers there was no response from him. Martin is not alone in that failure: I can, if necessary, cite Hannan, Farage, Campbell-Bannerman, Cameron, MilibandE (to name but a few) who are all guilty of ignoring those they purport to serve – the reason being, I suspect, because we are not members of the Westminster Bubble, ie the ‘elite’. Is this how democracy should work?

Until we, the people, extract our proverbial digit and adopt The Harrogate Agenda we have no ‘voice’ – and the current system of democratised dictatorship will continue.

The word democracy stems from the Greek Demos: People and Kratos: Power. Under representative democracy neither exists – is our current system how democracy should work? 

Politicians, political commentators with their own agendas, et all who have both of the aforementioned fingers in their politica agenda should not be able to dictate to we, the people.

We should, if true democracy exists, dictate to them!


5 thoughts on “Why, if we have democracy?

  1. Both this blog and EUReferendum have accused Cameron of telling lies. Well this trend seems to have spread to official websites now. The EURef blog states that it was yesterday, 3rd Feb, that the Environmental Audit Committee decided not to take evidence from Richard North. However, as late as 3.00PM today the Environmental Audit Committee website stated –

    “Flooding: George Monbiot, Richard North and Environment Agency give evidence“ –

    “Campaigning journalist George Monbiot and blogger Richard North give evidence to the Environmental Audit Committee on flooding. The Committee also questions the Environment Agency”.

    If you look now the correction has been made, a ‘silent edit’! This really does make you wonder about how government works.

  2. I fear that we already know, they rule and we are supposed to do as we are told. My MP first elected in May last, never answers or even acknowledges my messages. In fact the first few I sent got a response that he was not my MP….He is! He was a primary school teacher, then a local councillor then a supposedly conservative MP. He was going to do wonders for Hazel Grove, his constituency but seem very shy. I am just waiting to nail him. The real world is waiting!

  3. Democracy, you’re joking. As a paid agent of the local council even the dustbin man has dominion over us.

    Notwithstanding the ridiculous name, The Harrogate Agenda, and it’s obscure wording, without a large tranche of the population risking the possibility of being accused of sedition it really isn’t going anywhere.

    In order to gain any traction it needs a political party to adopt it. That is unlikely, politicians want to direct not be directed.

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