Wicked Game

My love of popular music really ended circa 1970, although since then there have been one of two songs that I have liked, mainly because they were tuneful or were released during pertinent times in my life.

Thinking about how our politicians have brought about their own downfall when considering the public’s perception of them jogged my memory to theĀ  extent that the following came to mind. It can be argued that this song is a tad mournful, but then the subject is likewise.

I think it fair to say that in decades past, when we had a few politicians worthy of note, we did almost revere them for their knowledge and foresight – but unfortunately where the present are concerned, this past reverence can no longer continued.

The pop song to which I allude is Wicked Game by Chris Isaak – substitute ‘you’ with ‘politicians’ and ‘this girl is’ with ‘politicians are’ and we have a sad lament about a love affair which has turned sour. We all know that when a relationship breaks up there is only one course of action: to start anew (Direct Democracy).