Will no-one rid us of this troublesome class?

Paraphrasing Henry II – as is my wont.

As an initial aside, courtesy of Ian Parker-Joseph, it is noted that the Occidental College is offering a course  on stupidity – presumably all successful students graduate with a PPE?

That question is posed in view of the apparent scramble that is taking place among those of the Conservative, Labour and United Kingdom Independence Parties to become ‘top dog’ (or ‘top bitch’) of their respective fetid pile of unknowledgeable nonentities – all three hardly, at the moment, being united.

All those ‘within’ the aforementioned parties are fond of talking about ‘democracy’ –  yet where is any hint of democracy when those they are supposed to represent have no say in who is to head what amounts to a system of democratised dictatorship?

When will people realise that the political class are no different to any other industry seeking dominance in its chosen field – in  other words,  to ‘corner the market’ and thus ‘make a killing’? Ultimately, they care not for you or me – for sure, they make a pretense of so doing only because at present it is part of their ‘job description’ – and how long before our political class change that part of their job description? When one adds into that equation the fact that some of those we elect to represent us are only interested in self advancement within their chosen  ‘career of politics’; one can but ask: do we not get that for which we vote whereby we are not ‘represented’ and never will be as those ‘ladder climbers’ will always support the political view of the leader of their party – come what may – until they spot an opening to supplant him or her? Is that how ‘democracy’ is supposed to work?

On the point about ‘democracy’, we must remember the derivation of that word: ‘demos’ – people; ‘kratos’ – power; meaning that if we are to have true democracy, until the people have ultimate power, we cannot have true democracy.

Now, it is all to readily admitted that to make the people think for themselves is a ‘tall order’ when for decades they have been led to believe they have no need to so do because the state will do their thinking for them.

Without ‘counting chickens before they have hatched’ it is hoped that sufficient funding (although the details have yet to be finalised), allowing  the blowing of that idea ‘wide open’, will become available by the end of September.

As they say, stay  tuned……………………








One thought on “Will no-one rid us of this troublesome class?

  1. When the ‘chickens’ or rather the Turkeys commence voting for Christmas is approximately the time when any of this bunch of thieves, vagabonds and pikeys give up one iota of the power they hold over us, and hand it back to the People.

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