Yet more ‘domicide’………

An article in the Financial Times by Martin Wolf about a hard brexit (viz-a-viz Theresa May)  is but another example of ‘domicide’ (see preceding article).

For example yet again we are led to believe that all EU law is originated by  the EU when patently, with a little research, this statement can easily be shown to be false.

People are reliant on all media to inform them of ‘news’ that may have an impact on their lives and consequently, especially  when producing opinion pieces the media in all forms, have a duty to ensure that the information they produce is factually correct. Not withstanding that basic requirement, they also have a duty to check statements by politicians to ensure that those statements are correct, factually, rather than just reproducing them verbatim.

In this particular case all one can say is that, overlooking this journalist’s canine attributes, he most definitely has a big mouth.

Afterthought: Martin Wolf is the Chief Economics Commentator for the Financial Times – one can only suggest he goes back to school, preferably to the kindergarten class.

Only my opinion but any politician, or journalist. stating or publishing a provable ‘untruth’ should automatically be in receipt of a P45. But then, under representative democracy, we cannot do owt about that, can we?

One thought on “Yet more ‘domicide’………

  1. David the “news” is simply propaganda, people like Wolf are getting paid for writing propaganda. If we look at what’s happening in the world it’s frankly terrifying.We have a new cold war with Russia, a real war with Syria, failures in libya,Afghanistan,and in Iraq.All of this is generally supported by our media which essentially censors itself and supports a global system of western hegemony backed by violence. Democracy is neither respected here in the UK, nor can it be forced on others via a cruise missle.We can see here in the UK how the anti democratic forces are trying to overturn the result of the referendum…..we really are living in an age of TINA.There Is No Alternative.

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